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We're musicians and we’re technologists, with a passion for bringing you the next generation of gear that will inspire you to create, record and perform music in new ways. We have a long history designing category-defining products that push technical boundaries, so you can focus on your music.

We introduced the world’s first digital modeling amp, the AxSys 212, in 1996. We were behind the groundbreaking POD® multi-effect that launched in 1998, revolutionizing the industry with an easy way to record guitar that had great tone. Our Variax® guitars can do more than any other instrument in history, and we’ve led the analog-to-digital transition for guitar wireless with our Relay® products.

We haven't stopped, either. In 2015 Line 6 introduced the Helix® family, our new flagship guitar processor. Helix represents a major leap forward in guitar processing, as well as a new way of thinking about guitarists and their relationship to technology.

In 2014 Line 6 became a part of the Yamaha family, creating a network of global collaboration which, in 2017, led to the creation of the first-ever Guitar Division within Yamaha. This culminated in the formation of Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. in 2018. Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. is a U.S.-based, wholly owned subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan which brings together the intercompany teams that have been focused on serving the needs of guitarists worldwide. Yamaha Guitar Group will oversee the global marketing of guitar products for both Line 6 and Yamaha, while developing Line 6 products and collaborating with counterparts in Japan on the development of Yamaha guitar products.

Also in 2018, Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. acquired the legendary Ampeg® brand, known for its bass amplifiers and pedals. Ampeg has produced some of the music industry's most innovative amplification products, including the first bass combo amp, the first guitar amp with reverb, and the de facto stage bass amp, the SVT. Since the 1940s, Ampeg has offered unique and often first-to-market features and performance capabilities, resulting in six U.S. patents under the Ampeg brand name. The addition of the Ampeg line greatly expanded the total offering for bass guitarists, which already included legendary Yamaha bass guitars such as the BB and TRBX models, alongside the Line 6 Relay wireless systems and Helix modeling devices.

In 2023 Yamaha Guitar Group further broadened its offerings for guitarists by acquiring Córdoba Music Group, which was originally founded with a mission to bring the nylon string guitar to a wider guitar community. Beginning in 1997, Córdoba assembled a team of master luthiers to create guitars built with a nod to classic techniques of Spanish guitar makers from the late 19th and early 20th century. From there the brand blossomed. As it grew, Guild Guitars, with its own impressive history dating back to 1953, was added to the CMG portfolio in 2014. Following the addition of Guild, HumiCase, and DeArmond pickups joined the group. CMG also took over distribution of Savarez and Aquila strings in the U.S.

The integration of brands from Córdoba Music Group—Córdoba® and Guild® guitars, HumiCase® instrument cases, and DeArmond® pickups—extends the already wide variety of offerings for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar products from Yamaha, Line 6, and Ampeg. This new venture is an instant compliment to Yamaha’s own array of nylon fretted instruments and adds ukuleles and acoustic bass guitars to the mix, as well as a selection of pickups, cases, and strings. The addition also brings with it skilled US-based premium guitar manufacturing and processes. All of this is in service to an initiative by Yamaha to continuously broaden the scope, quality, and innovation it can offer guitar players.

We’re proud that our history of pushing for new ideas that serve guitarists. We’re all about giving you access to the tools you need to create, perform and record in ways you never thought possible. We promise that we'll always take dramatic leaps so you can reach new heights with your music. That's our commitment to you, because in the end, we love being a part of making great music.


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Yamaha Line6 Ampeg Cordoba Guild Humicase DeArmond

At Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. we envision and design powerful, intuitive products that inspire new ways for musicians to create, play and perform.

Our team consists of over 100 people working in our Los Angeles office. Many are active guitarists, musicians, producers, artists and performers. We’re always looking for dynamic, resourceful and results-driven people who are passionate about music and technology. So if you want to help define the next generation of music products and instruments, we’d love to hear from you.

Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity employer. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Human Resources Department if at any time during the interview process you feel a reasonable accommodation is required to facilitate the interview or job functionality.


YGG has developed an extensive benefits package as part of our total compensation plan. This package includes vision, medical, dental and life insurance plans, as well as long-term disability coverage, and TransAmerica supplemental insurance plans. In addition, we offer paid vacation, personal, sick and holiday time; and a 401(k) plan.

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