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Black Rock Coalition
Yamaha Guitar Group is happy to be partnering with Line 6 artist Vernon Reid for Black History Month to provide support to Black Rock Coalition.

In 1985 Vernon Reid joined with a powerful and passionate group of musicians, journalist, and visionaries to start Black Rock Coalition. BRC supports creative freedom and conceptual independence for all Black artists.

Darrell M. McNeill, Director of Operations, New York Chapter of BRC shared a little bit more about BRC with us:

"The Black Rock Coalition has quietly and loudly been radically altering the conversation about Black culture, creativity and history for nearly 40 years, vanguards for the revolutionary creative spirit of the Black Diaspora. We are historians in that we eliminate false narratives and stereotypes of our history and capability. We are futurists in that we are shaping systems and processes for Black creatives and thought leaders generations from now. Our work is to stitch the connective tissue between where we were to where we are to where we plan to be centuries from now, in music, art and all cultural expressions. Vernon was undoubtedly the spark, and all of us take our cues from all forward-thinking, paradigm-shifting cultural leaders that have surpassed the curve." - Darrell M. McNeill, Director of Operations, New York Chapter of BRC.

We hope you will take time to learn more about Black Rock Coalition here.

Read "Rock, Race, and History: A Conversation with Vernon Reid" here.