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WeHo Pride Parade Volunteers

We were all eager to join in on the WeHo Pride festivities this year, and we lucked out and found an awesome opportunity. We discovered we could volunteer with the parade production staff.

We started with a pre-parade meeting where the WeHo Pride Parade Director, Ray Pulver, from Upbeat Parades gave us our instructions.

Our first task was to support checking in over 100 parade participants including floats, vehicles, bands, dancers, marchers, and over 100 motorbikes.

After that our mission was to keep the floats moving at just the right pace and distance. We also became the go-to folks for all the parade-related questions, stationed at major intersections.

Seeing the sheer delight radiating from everyone involved was exhilarating. We're already counting down the days until the next WeHo Pride Parade. We had an absolute blast, and we simply can't wait to dive back into the festivities next year. Hope to see you there!